12 weeks post op

25 May

Well then, Im back.

After spending Monday having Xrays and visiting A and E, I discovered that there was no damage to the bone, and there was just a lot of inflammation  What a relief, I could have cried with delight, as  I was so worried I’d done something really stupid, and worse, that I’d need to go back into surgery. That’s how bad the pain was.

I did happen to see my xrays too, which was a first, thanks to the lovely and handsome A and E doctor. I has assumed the ‘pin’ in my big toes was a straight one, in line with my toe bone. But they are SCREWS which looked so odd, like ordinary household screws, and they are placed diagonally. I wish the Surgeon or even any of the doctors I had seen along the way had told me, I freaked out when i initially saw the xray, and though I had completely knocked the ‘pin’ out of place! 

Anyways, I set myself back a little, but getting there slowly but surely.



11 weeks post op. Discharge and more..

20 May

I was discharged last Thursday from Orthopaedics, and told because I ‘was young’ I didn’t need physio. I asked was there any specific things I could do to help myself and the Doc suggested unrolling a rolled up wet towel with my toes. Right ho. 

I did get a free manicure though from some a lovely beauty college student who was training and giving free ones in the waiting area; lucky for me I got there half an hour early!

Anyways, being the bold bright spark I am, I did something stupid on Saturday and ended up doing an impact injury to the toes on my right foot. The pain was a 7/10 at the point, and the half a    mile or less walk to the train station to go home was AGONY. I cried.


I made the decision over tears and snots (sinus infection too) to wait until Monday to seek help; figuring that ice and elevation would help; along with a dose of Co Codamol and anti inflammatories. It did, for sure. But not enough. Ive ring the GP today and asked for a callback, simply because Im not willing to trek to the Gp to be told I should go to A and E (which is my gut, but I feel I should do things in the right channel, plus I want to see what i am do about this sinus infection that still wont shift.

So the LESSON FOR TODAY is don’t so something stupid when you think you are almost better, take it from me.

Stay tuned.

10 weeks post op!

16 May

Hello again!

Today Im off to the hospital for what could be my last appointment, I dont really know. I’m back to work now, on a phased basis, and not in the primary schools as my toes are fierce tender and a little bruised, plus my pace is slow. i ought to be wearing the sandals they gave me but with them both being left footed ones I feel a bit stupid and conscious so have been wearing my own sandals and trainers. That’s been a little sore, mainly where the rubbing occurs. I dont seem to fit in my shoes anymore, and that’s not because of swelling, but because at the top where my toes should be, they are squished; likely all my shoes are a size too small.

I am surprised though at how fast my recovery has been in these latter stages; literally day to day there’s improvement. There’s still a long way to go, and the scarring on my baby toes is a bit yuk still.

Will be back in a another few weeks! Here are some pics to keep you going!

Before and After, 9 weeks difference

Before and After, 9 weeks difference

Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Getting back to normal…

25 Apr

I still have another week and a half off work, and it’s fantastic how sunny the weather in London is! I’m still wearing slippers indoors and the gomey sandals outside…although I rather naughtily slipped my feet into my converse trainers yesterday and they fitted nice and snug! But because i still have pretty bruised toes and lots of scabs that rub against my socks (enjoy your breakfast!), I didn’t keep them on. But knowing that I can have them to slip on when in session with any students when I get back to work is reassuring.

I’m lathering them with aqueous cream daily and rinsing them twice, morning and night. I’m stiff, which is frustrating, especially since I was not given any instruction on physio bar flexing my ankles while watching tv.. I couldn’t stand on my toes yet, which is annoying. 

Enjoy the sunshine where ever you are and do leave me comment or questions; Im starting up a new everyday lifestyle blog too, as a mark of this new life! Oh and on a side note, I had my hair cut last night by a really lovely mobile hairstylist and I fell in love with her shoes; Camper Damas. Look them up. Amazing. Want.

Things to occupy your time..

22 Apr

I know I said I’d make a list of all the things I’d suggest you could do while holed up. So here it is.

Our internet connection was sporadic to say the least over the past 6 weeks (timing couldn’t have been worse). In the early days I started watching Dexter, and the West Wing, as reading when groggy can be a bit crap. Netflix is briliant, and Spotify for listening to new music.

I crocheted LOADS. I underestimated how much I would get done, and sorta finished the projects I’d reserved in record time. My friends who are due babies are very lucky. They will have little sweaty babies adorned in crochet goodness over the summer! I made a few bits that I’ve popped up on my twitter and Instagram.

I had signed up to do a course on Advances in ADHD research via Coursera, but with crappy interent connection, I couldn’t finish it. I’d recommend trying it though. 

I contacted people I hadn’t heard from, via email and via snail mail. Nice catching up.

This one is a bit sad, but I spread out my amazon purchases. I wasn’t ordering huge things, but I ordered a few crochet hooks, wool and a book. Little bit of excitement hearing the postman knock (side note here; I popped a little note on the front door to ask the postie to give me a minute to get to the door as i was on crutches; often if there’s no response straight away they send the parcel back to the depot. My postie was very patient!)

I paced myself. I found I woud get up a few minutes after my boyfriend left for work, have breakfast, potter and tidy up, lunch, few more bits and then usually shower in the evenings. It’s a routine that worked for me anyway. i got my eyebrows threaded on one adventurous day as well.

I also folded a tonne of clothes numerous time and matched socks. Those were the tough days.

Saying that, I can see how mums on maternity leave with their first can get very used to this time..

Last two weeks off work!

22 Apr

Trendsetting, oh yeah....Ive been granted another fortnight off work. My day job involves a lot of walking, rushing more like, and between three sites. Two of those are schools, and the other is my office which does not have disabled access. Granted  am not disabled but I have to get up stairs, and should I fall… Im not looking forward to getting back to work and being slowed down. That’ll frustrate me.

My feet are doing okay. Still tender and bruised. I have soft slipper for inside the house and hospital shoes for outside which make me look ridiculous but I guess it’s just for a while; four weeks to be exact. I’ve been rubbing in as much Aqueous cream as i can, as I cannot get over how dry my skin is. I also had my first shower STANDING up in 6 weeks which was pretty exciting, and I felt rather proud!

I do feel quite let down by the NHS at times, to be honest. From the first cock up with having me in theatre on the 6th, and sending me home only for me to have to return on the 9th, I felt things didn’t get off on the right foot (excuse the pun). I never received any letters from the hospital bar one last week, inviting me for bandage appointments; it was all a result of me ringing them saying I was due one and hadn’t received notification. My last appointment on Thursday, was odd; the doctor who checked my feet said I didn’t need the heely shoes and he would see me in a month. I said I was told not to bring ‘ordinary’ shoes with me because Id be getting flat wide sandals, and only for the nurse told him it would be daft to send me out like I am! I asked about physio which he dismissed, and I am a little bothered by that because I think I would benefit; even a couple of sessions. I guess that is the difference between public and private…

The nurses, have been so so lovely. Real stars and very empathic, top marks all round.

Venturing out now again shortly which is good for the stretch!

6 weeks post op

19 Apr

I skipped a good bit didn’t I! To be honest, the past three have been spent on the sofa, in heely boots. I had the pins removed at 4 weeks (trauma for me, but not that bad for your average person!). Yesterday, I had the bandages off, and chucked the heely boots! Went home in my socks (very skinny feet!) and flat strappy hospital shoes, which I have to wear for four more weeks. My heels and ankles are quite sore and achy, as I have been using them all differently the past 6 weeks.

I went out today a few times, and probably over did it a little, as I ended up dropping a bottle of fabric softener on my toes in Tesco; that hurt!

Ive put a few photos onto the blog now, I hope they don’t freak anyone out! I havent posted in colour as good lord they look terrible in colour!

This picture is pre op, and then at the 6 week mark.Pre and post op (6 week mark)At home, standing!